San Francisco

Theme - San Francisco

The 23rd International AIDS Conference will be virtual this year. With the theme San Francisco, the Face of AIDS Archive pays tribute to the conference, the city of San Francisco (where the conference was set to be held in the first place) and the achievements made in the HIV response.

Watch documentaries and interviews from the 1980s to the present, hear the voices of activists, patients, researchers and hospital staff.

Historical timeline between 1981-2017

See a historical timeline with stories from the Face of AIDS Archive between 1981-2017.

Learn more about "ground zero" in San Francisco at the beginning of the epidemic, the importance of different activist groups, the breakthrough of antiretroviral therapy and much more. Most importantly, meet affected people and hear their stories.


Samples from the archive

As parts of the Face of AIDS Film Archive are being made available online, we have found it necessary to anonymize some of the participants. This may apply to children, people in vulnerable situations, and people who risk persecution in their home countries. If you appear in any of the films presented at this site and you want the content or personal information to be removed, please contact us.