AIDS - Föreställningar om en verklighet

Archive ID: 1986_aids_forestallningar_om_en_verklighet

"AIDS – Metaphor and Reality" is the very first Face of AIDS documentary from 1986, experts as well as people living with HIV and AIDS speak about stigma. The main message of this film is that AIDS is a worldwide issue which concerns everyone regardless of their sexual preferences

Background material

"Gertrud Sigurdsen started the National AIDS Delegation and launched a major AIDS prevention campaign all over Sweden as early as 1985, targeting youths, intravenous drug users. sex workers etc. She was actually the first person who decided to fund the start of the Face of AIDS project in 1987-88. The documentary ”Crossover –The Global Impact of AIDS" was funded by the National AIDS Delegation, and shown at the IV International AIDS Conference. Through Sigursen's political committment, Sweden became a key contributor in the arrangement of this AIDS conference, which took place in Stockholm, with 10 000 participants and media from all over the world. " - Staffan Hildebrand