Archive ID: 2011_5_2

Follow-up interview with Oum Sopheap who is the director of KHANA. He watches a clip from 1998 and talks about the situation back then and what has happened since 1998 in Cambodia.

Background material

"I interviewed Oum Sopheap for the first time in 1998, at the peak of the Cambodian epidemic, and continuously over the years. In 1998 he was an angry AIDS activist involved in the World Vision Project, angry because the ARV treatment was at that time accessible in the rich countries but not in the poor countries. He has devoted his adult lifetime to the Cambodian fight against HIV/AIDS. In 2003, Oum Sopheap took over as Executive Director of KHANA, an NGO which during the past ten years has developed into the largest in the country focusing on health, and which also has had an instrumental role in the Cambodian HIV/AIDS response. Cambodia is, along with Thailand, the first Asian success story with more than 80% of those in need now accessing free ARV." - Staffan Hildebrand