Theme - Activism, healthcare & politics - the swedish HIV and AIDS history

New theme - Activism, healthcare and politics - the Swedish HIV and AIDS history

With the theme “Activism, healthcare and politics - the Swedish HIV and AIDS history”, the Face of AIDS Archive acknowledges the World AIDS Day, 1 December.

Watch a short film with interviews from the 1980s to the present, hear the voices of activists, patients, researchers and hospital staff.

Image: Folkhälsoinstitutet, RFSU and RFSL


The Honorary Red Ribbon award goes to Staffan Hildebrand

The journalist and film director Staffan Hildebrand has been awarded the HIV-Sweden’s Honorary Red Ribbon for the year 2020.

He receives the award for having “with courage, insight and curiosity documented one of the largest pandemics today. He has made it possible to translate statistics and figures into human life stories".

Samples from the archive

As parts of the Face of AIDS Film Archive are being made available online, we have found it necessary to anonymize some of the participants. This may apply to children, people in vulnerable situations, and people who risk persecution in their home countries. If you appear in any of the films presented at this site and you want the content or personal information to be removed, please contact us.