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Crossover - Full Version

This production was made as the opening film for the IV International AIDS Conference in Stockholm in June 1988. It gives a broad representation of the global AIDS situation in the late 1980's, and has a particular focus on social structures, poverty and stigma.




A Philippine teacher talks about how Western, liberal values on sex is a threat to the youth. He also talks about tourism as an aspect of HIV transmission, and fears that the Philippine government suppresses information about AIDS to protect the tourist industry.




Continuation of the interview with Elaine and her husband Hubby. They talk about their HIV diagnoses and relationship as a married couple, about safe sex as prevention of AIDS disease progression, and workplace discrimination.



AIDS - Föreställningar om en verklighet

"AIDS – Metaphor and Reality" is the very first Face of AIDS documentary from 1986, experts as well as people living with HIV and AIDS speak about stigma. The main message of this film is that AIDS is a worldwide issue which concerns everyone regardless of their sexual preferences.