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XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. Session on the rights of sex workers and legislation of sex work. The speakers represent sex workers organizations in the US and in India. Live broadcast from the Sex Workers Freedom Festival in Kolkata, India.




XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton holds a speech about the political tasks of ending AIDS. Phil Wilson, founder of the Black AIDS Institute, speaks about the challenges of the communities to put an end to the epidemic.




XIX International AIDS Conference. Paul Nsubuga Semugoma from the Global Forum on MSM and HIV, talks about the situation of men who have sex with men in Uganda and how stigma and discrimination interferes with the work to prevent HIV and end AIDS.



From Stigma to Hope

Staffan Hildebrand looks back on his 25 years of documenting the HIV and AIDS epidemic for the Face of AIDS Film Archive. The film portrays a shift from pessimism towards a growing optimism in the response to HIV and AIDS.



Women at the Frontline of the AIDS Response

This film is about women from different parts of the world who are active in the HIV activist movement. They discuss gender inequality and the exposed situation of women and girls and explain the educational and empowering work which they are doing in their communities.



Crossover - Short Version

This is the short version of the production Crossover, from 1988. It revolves around the global AIDS situation in the late 80's, with a particular focus on youth, social structures, poverty and stigma. Full version is also available in the archive.



Crossover - Full Version

This production was made as the opening film for the IV International AIDS Conference in Stockholm in June 1988. It gives a broad representation of the global AIDS situation in the late 1980's, and has a particular focus on social structures, poverty and stigma.