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Introduction to The Face of AIDS Film Archive

This is a short film introducing The Face of AIDS Film Archive. It contains clips from the archive, information about the origins of the archive and future plans.


Revisiting the Russian HIV epidemic - 2001-2020

Nicklas Dennermalm worked with the Face of AIDS Archive back in 2001-2002, documenting the HIV epidemic in Russia. The result was a short film called Outreach, in which he highlighted the different approaches to the problem. He now works with RFSL Stockholm (The Swedish Federation for LGBTQ People’s Rights) with HIV prevention, and is affiliated with Karolinska Institutet, department of Public Health Sciences.

The Longest Journey is the Journey Within 2015

This is the story about Steve Sjöquist - writer, HIV activist and deacon at Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset in Stockholm. Steve was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and he was one of the first Swedish AIDS patients to get the new antiretroviral therapy in 1996. It saved his life.




Staffan Hildebrand returns to Australia, where he started his project of documenting the AIDS epidemic in 1988, and to Cambodia where he first arrived in 1998. He interviews some of the scientists and activists who he met back then and displays some footage from the archive.




Interview with David Cooper, Director of The Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales.




David Penington, Australian doctor, academic, Vice-Chancellor and director, discusses strategies in the Australian HIV response.




An interview with Brendan Crabb, President of Burnet Institute, on funding, the role of philanthropy, science today and in the future.




Sharon Lewin, Australian Infectious Disease physician and researcher, talks about the advances in HIV research and challenges for the future.


Living with HIV in Sweden

Living with HIV in Sweden is the first extensive study in Sweden where quality of life has been studied among people living with HIV. In total, 1096 individuals responded to an anonymous survey that included different aspects of self-rated quality of life. The survey was available in 10 different languages. The study was performed at 15 healthcare units for infectious diseases in Sweden – that account for 75% of the HIV care in the country – and at two needle and syringe exchange clinics in Stockholm.

Passing on the Torch

Interviews with young HIV and AIDS activists from Cambodia, Mexico, Sweden, South Africa, and the United States, on youth, HIV and AIDS.



Den längsta resan är inåt - under produktion

This is a pre-version of the documentary about the writer and AIDS activist, Steve Sjöquist, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. Steve was one of the first Swedish AIDS patients to get the new ARV medication in 1996, and it saved his life.




XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. Congresswoman Barbara Lee comments on the United States travel restrictions against people living with HIV that was resolved in 2012 after 22 years. She also reflects on the possibilities of ending AIDS.