Illustration Hanna Gustavsson

Theme - Women and AIDS

Welcome to the release of ”Women and AIDS”, which sheds light on the many women’s stories in the archive.

This theme is a collaboration between Face of AIDS archive, Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska and Alma Park. Emma Gray Muthe, Hanna Gustavsson, Izabella Rosengren och Erik Gunnarsson have contributed to this incredibly interesting theme.



Nicklas Dennermalm worked with the Face of AIDS Archive back in 2001-2002, documenting the HIV epidemic in Russia. 

The result was a short film called Outreach, in which he highlighted the different approaches to the problem. 

In his article, Revisiting the Russian HIV epidemic, Dennermalm compares the situation twenty years ago with the situation today.

Samples from the archive


Introduction to The Face of AIDS Film Archive

This is a short film introducing The Face of AIDS Film Archive. It contains clips from the archive, information about the origins of the archive and future plans.

AIDS - Föreställningar om en verklighet

"AIDS – Metaphor and Reality" is the very first Face of AIDS documentary from 1986, experts as well as people living with HIV and AIDS speak about stigma. The main message of this film is that AIDS is a worldwide issue which concerns everyone regardless of their sexual preferences.

From Stigma to Hope

Staffan Hildebrand looks back on his 25 years of documenting the HIV and AIDS epidemic for the Face of AIDS Film Archive. The film portrays a shift from pessimism towards a growing optimism in the response to HIV and AIDS.


Staffan Hildebrand returns to Australia, where he started his project of documenting the AIDS epidemic in 1988, and to Cambodia where he first arrived in 1998. He interviews some of the scientists and activists who he met back then and displays some footage from the archive.

As parts of the Face of AIDS Film Archive are being made available online, we have found it necessary to anonymize some of the participants. This may apply to children, people in vulnerable situations, and people who risk persecution in their home countries. If you appear in any of the films presented at this site and you want the content or personal information to be removed, please contact us.