Archive ID: 2002_8_04

Lars Olof Kallings talks about the global AIDS situation, future perspectives, the possibility of an AIDS vaccine, and what the international community can do. He reflects on the role of men, women and young people in the fight against AIDS, and stresses the importance of activists and voluntary organizations. Thailand, Uganda and Brazil are mentioned as role models of strong and effective AIDS responses historically. Kallings also looks back on his work against HIV/AIDS, both as a scientist and as an activist. Finally, he talks about the independent, cross-national and interprofessional work of the International AIDS Society.

Background material

"Lars Olof Kallings is an AIDS pioneer and co-founder of the International AIDS Society (IAS) in 1988 with Paul Volberding at the USF. He was senior advisor to WHO on HIV/AIDS and also became the special advisor to the Swedish Government on HIV/AIDS. He has been one of the strongest supporters of Face of AIDS since its start in 1988. He focused attention to the alarming AIDS situation in Sub Saharan Africa." - Staffan Hildebrand