Archive ID: 2012_24

Closing session of the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. with speakers such as Bill Clinton, the two co-chairs of the conference Elly Katabira and Diane Havlir, US politician Nancy Pelosi, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, and many activists and community leaders. Bill Clinton holds a speech on the future financial situation in the AIDS response. Nancy Pelosi tells about her political engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS which started in the early 80's. Anna Zakowicz and Ian McKnight talks about the future targets of the community response. Leo Rennie, Policy Committee Chair of the DC Community Coalition talks about minority health and HIV/AIDS in Washington D.C. Laurindo Garcia from B-Change talks about the rights of LGBT persons. Many different speakers shed light on the subjects of human rights, gender equality, community response strategies, national AIDS policies and other important aspects on the theme of the conference "Turning the Tide Together".