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Dr Mervyn Silverman, HIV activist Scott Millar and Gert McMullin talks about the history of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and its significance. Gert is a former drug user who is living with HIV. In this interview, she talks about the history of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and her work with it. Pictures of some of the panels of the Quilt.

Background material

"The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt started in 1987 by Cleave Jones, a key AIDS activist, and a small group of people. It is based on an old American tradition, and now one of the most famous AIDS projects in the world. The mission was and still is to preserve the powerful images and stories contained within the Quilt, one separate panel for each person honored and remembered, while expanding the AIDS awareness in society at large. The project was extremely successful and copies were made in many countries, also in Sweden. One of the first Quilts was dedicated to Hollywood Star Rock Hudson, who died of AIDS in 1985. To date all of the 48 000 panels that make up the Quilt have been professionally photographed and saved for the future record. Most panels are accompanied with letters, personal memorabilias, photos, etc. The Quilt has been displayed at the Mall in Washington DC several times. In 1998, Bill and Hillary Clinton visited the Quilt on display at the Mall." - Staffan Hildebrand