Archive ID: 2006_13_01

First part of the interview with the American AIDS activist and founder of Project Inform, Martin Delaney, in 2006. He talks about the HIV/AIDS policy of the current and previous American Presidents. He also reflects on his personal experiences of the start of the AIDS epidemic in the early 80's.

Background material

"Martin Delaney's 'Project Inform' became world known for showing how Internet and digital technology could be used so that people could share their experiences from taking the ARV medication. Delaney was an activist from the early years and his story of how all his friends back in the early 80´s died, one after another, is very tragic. It was a sad period when there was no medication at all. I interviewed him several times for Face of AIDS. Larry Kramer was the angry, aggressive AIDS activist who dared to confront anyone, even the White House, while Martin was a person behind the scenes who negotiated and used other tactics. But they were close allies and worked together with the goal to get more funding for AIDS research and better medication and to decrease stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS." - Staffan Hildebrand