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Interview with Daniel Tarantola who is a Professor of Health and Human Rights at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. He was also instrumental in developing the World Health Organization's Global Program on AIDS in the mid 1980's together with Dr Jonathan Mann. Here he tells about his work on promoting human rights and expanding health care services in several African countries, starting in the early 1970's. He also describes the time when he entered the HIV field at the World Health Organization and refletcs on human rights issues related to HIV and AIDS.

Background material

"Daniel Tarantola is a friend and has supported the Face of AIDS documentation since the start. He is the person who knows the most about the circumstances when Dr Jonathan Mann was fired by the WHO Executive Director Nakajima in Geneva. His story about how the Global Program on AIDS was emerging, developing and then destroyed by Mann's enemies at WHO is very dramatic and interesting. Daniel is a good friend and I keep in touch with him. " - Staffan Hildebrand