Illustration: Hanna Gustavsson

Theme Women and AIDS

The theme Women and AIDS puts the light on the many stories we have in the Face of AIDS Archive told by women, aspects on hiv and AIDS often not getting enough attention. Apart from films from the archive the theme also includes texts written by writers Emma Gray Munthe, Erik Gunnarsson and Izabella Rosengren and also unique illustrations by Hanna Gustavsson. The theme is a collaboration with Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska.

Selections from the archive


Women and AIDS

This production from 1990 debates the worldwide HIV/AIDS situation for women and children. The stigmatization of female sexuality is considered the primary reason of women's particularly exposed situation when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.

Women at the Frontline of the AIDS Response

This film is about women from different parts of the world who are active in the HIV activist movement. They discuss gender inequality and the exposed situation of women and girls and explain the educational and empowering work which they are doing in their communities.

Women at the Frontline

This is the story of four women living with HIV, who are active in the work against HIV/AIDS in Indonesia, Bolivia, Kenya and Sweden. They tell about their lives and their work with health education, advocacy, and support of women and children.


This is a documentary about community networks in Southern Africa focusing on educating people about HIV prevention and providing support and care for people living with HIV and AIDS.


  • In 29 countries women require the consent of a spouse/partner to access sexual and reproductive health services.

    Source: UNAIDS
  • AIDS is the main cause of death among women of reproductive age globally.

    Source: UNAIDS
  • In sub-Saharan Africa seven out of ten young women do not have comprehensive knowledge about HIV.

    Source: UNAIDS
  • Women living with HIV are five times more likely to develop cervical cancer

    Source: UNAIDS